albert bruce sabin


  1. Albert Bruce,1906–93, U.S. physician, born in Poland: developed Sabin vaccine.


  1. physics a unit of acoustic absorption equal to the absorption resulting from one square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface


  1. Albert Bruce. 1906–93, US microbiologist, born in Poland. He developed the Sabin vaccine (1955), taken orally to immunize against poliomyelitis

in reference to polio vaccine, 1955, from name of Russian-born U.S. microbiologist Albert B. Sabin (1906-1993).

  1. American microbiologist and physician who developed a live-virus vaccine against polio (1957), replacing the killed-virus vaccine invented by Jonas Salk.

  1. American pioneer anatomist noted for her investigations of the lymphatic system. She was the first woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences (1925).

  1. American microbiologist and physician who developed a vaccine against polio that contained an active form of the polio virus (1957). This replaced a less effective vaccine, invented by Jonas Salk, that contained an inactivated form of the virus.

  1. A unit of acoustic absorption such that one square meter of material of one sabin absorbs 100 percent of the sound energy that strikes it.
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