arthur wellesley

[ad_1] noun
  1. Arthur. Wellington, 1st Duke of.
  2. his brotherRobert Col·ley [kol-ee] /ˈkɒl i/, 1st Marquis,1760–1842, British statesman and administrator, born in Ireland: governor general of India 1797–1805.
  3. a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston.


  1. 1st Duke ofArthur Wellesleythe Iron Duke, 1769–1852, British general and statesman, born in Ireland: prime minister 1828–30.
  2. Wellington boot.
  3. a seaport in and the capital of New Zealand, on S North Island.
  4. beef Wellington.


  1. Arthur. See (1st Duke of) Wellington 2
  2. his brother, Richard Colley, Marquis Wellesley. 1760–1842, British administrator. As governor general of Bengal (1797–1805) he consolidated British power in India


  1. an administrative district, formerly a province, of New Zealand, on SW North Island: major livestock producer in New Zealand. Capital: Wellington. Pop: 456 900 (2004 est). Area: 28 153 sq km (10 870 sq miles)
  2. the capital city of New Zealand. Its port, historically Port Nicholson, on Wellington Harbour has a car and rail ferry link between the North and South Islands; university (1899). Pop: 182 600 (2004 est)


  1. 1st Duke of, title of Arthur Wellesley. 1769–1852, British soldier and statesman; prime minister (1828–30). He was given command of the British forces against the French in the Peninsular War (1808–14) and routed Napoleon at Waterloo (1815)

boot so called from 1817, for Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), who also in his lifetime had a style of coat, hat, and trousers named for him as well as a variety of apple and pine tree.


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