noun, plural bil·boes. Usually bilboes.

  1. a long iron bar or bolt with sliding shackles and a lock, formerly attached to the ankles of prisoners.

noun, plural bil·boes. Archaic.

  1. a finely tempered sword.


  1. Theodore Gil·more [gil-mawr, -mohr] /ˈgɪl mɔr, -moʊr/, 1877–1947, U.S. Southern populist politician: senator 1935–47.

noun plural -bos or -boes

  1. (formerly) a sword with a marked temper and elasticity

kind of sword noted for temper and elasticity, 1590s, from Bilbao, town in northern Spain where swords were made, in English Bilboa. The town name is Roman Bellum Vadum “beautiful ford” (over the Nervion River).

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