1. pertaining to life.


  1. of or relating to living organisms
  2. (of a factor in an ecosystem) produced by the action of living organismsCompare edaphic

“pertaining to life,” 1847, in the medical sense, from Latin bioticus, from Greek biotikos “pertaining to life,” from bios “life” (see bio-). Biotic factor was in use by 1907. Related: Biotical.


  1. Relating to life or living organisms.
  2. Produced or caused by living organisms.

  1. Consisting of living organisms. An ecosystem is made up of a biotic community (all of the naturally occurring organisms within the system) together with the physical environment.
  2. Associated with or derived from living organisms. The biotic factors in an environment include the organisms themselves as well as such items as predation, competition for food resources, and symbiotic relationships. Compare abiotic.
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