bottle-feed [bot-l-feed] Word Origin See more synonyms for bottle-feed on verb (used with object), bot·tle-fed, bot·tle-feed·ing.

  1. to nurse or feed (an infant or young animal) with milk or other nourishment from a nursing bottle.
  2. to nurture or teach with exaggerated care: We had to bottle-feed the new salesman on how to make door-to-door calls.

verb (used without object), bot·tle-fed, bot·tle-feed·ing.

  1. to feed an infant or young animal from a nursing bottle.

Origin of bottle-feed First recorded in 1860–65 Related Words for bottle-feed feed, nourish, cradle, nurture, suckle, suck, wet-nurse, lactate, dry-nurse, bottle-feed, breast-feed British Dictionary definitions for bottle-feed bottle-feed verb -feeds, -feeding or -fed

  1. to feed (a baby) with milk from a bottle instead of breast-feeding
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