Bragi [brah-gee] ExamplesWord Origin noun Scandinavian Mythology.

  1. the god of poetry and eloquence, son of Odin, husband of Idun: may be an apotheosis of the 9th-century poet Bragi Boddason.

Origin of Bragi Old Norse; compare Old English brego prince, Old Norse bragr poetic art; perhaps akin to Sanskrit bráhma Brahma1 Examples from the Web for bragi Historical Examples of bragi

  • Bragi is the god of poetry and eloquence, the best of all skalds.

    History of Religion

    Allan Menzies

  • Bragi was the son of the wave maidens and the god of poetry.

    The Danes in Lancashire and Yorkshire

    S. W. Partington

  • “There will not be time,” said Bragi, who had been calculating the speed at which they flew.

    The Heroes of Asgard

    Annie Keary

  • At these words of Bragi the sir felt a revival of their old strength and courage.

    The Heroes of Asgard

    Annie Keary

  • Some scholars hold that Bragi, the god of poetry, is no other than the poet Bragi Boddason.

    The Heroic Age

    H. Munro Chadwick

  • British Dictionary definitions for bragi Bragi Brage (ˈbrɑːɡə) noun

    1. Norse myth the god of poetry and music, son of Odin
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