1. a military unit having its own headquarters and consisting of two or more regiments, squadrons, groups, or battalions.
  2. a large body of troops.
  3. a group of individuals organized for a particular purpose: a fire brigade; a rescue brigade.
  4. bucket brigade.
  5. History/Historical. a convoy of canoes, sleds, wagons, or pack animals, especially as used to supply trappers in the 18th- and 19th-century Canadian and U.S. fur trade.

verb (used with object), bri·gad·ed, bri·gad·ing.

  1. to form into a brigade.
  2. to group together.


  1. a formation of fighting units, together with support arms and services, smaller than a division and usually commanded by a brigadier
  2. a group of people organized for a certain taska rescue brigade

verb (tr)

  1. to organize into a brigade
  2. to put or group together

“subdivision of an army,” 1630s, from French brigade “body of soldiers” (14c.), from Italian brigata “troop, crowd, gang,” from brigare “brawl, fight,” from briga “strife, quarrel,” perhaps of Celtic (cf. Gaelic brigh, Welsh bri “power”) or Germanic origin.

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