< /ˌkæb əlˈyɛər oʊz, ˌkæb əˈlɛər oʊz; Spanish ˌkɑ vɑˈlyɛ rɔs, -ˈyɛ-/.

  1. a Spanish gentleman.
  2. Southwestern U.S.
    1. a horseman.
    2. a woman’s escort or admirer; cavalier.

noun plural -ros (-rəʊz, Spanish -ros)

  1. a Spanish gentleman
  2. a southwestern US word for horseman

1877, “a Spanish gentleman,” from Spanish caballero, from Latin caballarius, from caballus “a pack-horse, nag, hack” (see cavalier (n.)). Equivalent of French chevalier, Italian cavaliere.

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