verb (used with object), cadged, cadg·ing.

  1. to obtain by imposing on another’s generosity or friendship.
  2. to borrow without intent to repay.
  3. to beg or obtain by begging.

verb (used without object), cadged, cadg·ing.

  1. to ask, expect, or encourage another person to pay for or provide one’s drinks, meals, etc.
  2. to beg.

noun Falconry.

  1. a frame on which hawks are carried to the field.


  1. to get (food, money, etc) by sponging or begging


  1. British a person who cadges
  2. on the cadge British informal engaged in cadging

“to beg” (1812), “to get by begging” (1848), of uncertain origin, perhaps a back-formation from cadger “itinerant dealer with a pack-horse,” mid-15c., which is perhaps from early 14c. cadge “to fasten, to tie,” of unknown origin.

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