1. British. a tax, assessment, or lien.
  2. (in Scotland) a land tax.
  3. (in Ireland) a military assessment.
  4. (in India) an import or sales tax on a commodity.

verb (used with object)

  1. British. to tax; assess.

noun Irish English Informal.

  1. luck (usually used in the expression bad cess to): Bad cess to them!


  1. British any of several special taxes, such as a land tax in Scotland
  2. (formerly, in Ireland)
    1. the obligation to provide the soldiers and household of the lord deputy with supplies at fixed prices
    2. any military exaction


  1. (tr) British to tax or assess for taxation
  2. (formerly in Ireland) to impose (soldiers) upon a population, to be supported by them


  1. an Irish slang word for luck bad cess to you!


  1. short for cesspool

“tax, levy,” 1530s, short for assess (q.v.).

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