chomp [chomp] Examples See more synonyms for chomp on verb (used with or without object), noun

  1. champ1.

Can be confusedchamp chomp Related Words for chomp chew, gnaw, bite, munch Examples from the Web for chomp Contemporary Examples of chomp

  • The President continued to chomp on his sandwich, and now I was sweating.

    I Shot Bin Laden

    Elliot Ackerman

    November 16, 2014

  • The gorillas and chimps perhaps then chomp the half eaten fruit and become ill with a devastating human-like disease.

    Ebola’s Back: What You Need to Know

    Kent Sepkowitz

    March 24, 2014

  • Do Republicans want to chomp stogies with El Rushbo or remain a force in American politics?

    The Independent Rundown, November 10

    Matthew DeLuca

    November 11, 2012

  • Historical Examples of chomp

  • Vell, dey not all chomp togesser every day same peoples, but ven de barze all full den forrrty tousand chomp in same time.

    Mr. Punch on the Continong


  • In de Barze of Diocletian four tousand peoples all could chomp in de water same time.

    Mr. Punch on the Continong


  • British Dictionary definitions for chomp chomp chump verb

    1. to chew (food) noisily; champ


    1. the act or sound of chewing in this manner

    Word Origin for chomp variant of champ 1 Word Origin and History for chomp v.

    1640s, dialectal and American English variant of champ (v.). Related: Chomped; chomping.

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