adjective, dank·er, dank·est.

  1. unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly: a dank cellar.
  2. Slang. (of marijuana) excellent; high quality: There was plenty of booze and dank weed at the party.
  3. Slang. (of an Internet meme) passé or clichéd; out of touch; having missed the cultural Zeitgeist.


  1. Slang. high-quality marijuana: We were just chilling out and smoking dank together.


  1. (esp of cellars, caves, etc) unpleasantly damp and chilly

c.1400, earlier as a verb (early 14c.), now obsolete, meaning “to moisten,” used of mists, dews, etc. Perhaps from Scandinavian (cf. Swedish dank “moist place,” dänka “to moisten”) or German (cf. Middle High German damph, Dutch damp “vapor”). Now largely superseded by damp (adj.). Related: Dankness.

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