verb (used with object), de·plored, de·plor·ing.

  1. to regret deeply or strongly; lament: to deplore the present state of morality.
  2. to disapprove of; censure.
  3. to feel or express deep grief for or in regard to: The class deplored the death of their teacher.

verb (tr)

  1. to express or feel sorrow about; lament; regret
  2. to express or feel strong disapproval of; censure

1550s, “to give up as hopeless,” from French déplorer (13c.), from Latin deplorare “deplore, bewail, lament, give up for lost,” from de- “entirely” (see de-) + plorare “weep, cry out.” Meaning “to regret deeply” is from 1560s. Related: Deplored; deploring.

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