1. a seaport in E Kent, in SE England: point nearest the coast of France.
  2. Strait of. French Pas de Calais. a strait between England and France, connecting the English Channel and the North Sea: least width 20 miles (32 km).
  3. a city in and the capital of Delaware, in the central part.
  4. a city in SE New Hampshire.
  5. a town in N New Jersey.
  6. a city in E Ohio.

noun, plural Del·a·wares, (especially collectively) Del·a·ware for 5.

  1. Baron. De La Warr, 12th Baron.
  2. a state in the eastern United States, on the Atlantic coast. 2057 sq. mi. (5330 sq. km). Capital: Dover. Abbreviation: DE (for use with zip code), Del.
  3. a city in central Ohio.
  4. a river flowing S from SE New York, along the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey into Delaware Bay. 296 miles (475 km) long.
  5. a member of a grouping of North American Indian peoples, comprising the Munsee, Unami, and Unalachtigo, formerly occupying the drainage basin of the Delaware River, the lower Hudson River valley, and the intervening area.
  6. the Eastern Algonquian language of any of the Delaware peoples.
  7. Horticulture.
    1. a red vinifera grape grown for table use that yields a white wine.
    2. the vine bearing this fruit.


  1. a port in SE England, in E Kent on the Strait of Dover: the only one of the Cinque Ports that is still important; a stronghold since ancient times and Caesar’s first point of attack in the invasion of Britain (55 bc). Pop: 34 087 (2001)
  2. Strait of Dover a strait between SE England and N France, linking the English Channel with the North Sea. Width: about 32 km (20 miles)French name: Pas de Calais
  3. a city in the US, the capital of Delaware, founded in 1683: 18th-century buildings. Pop: 32 808 (2003 est)


  1. plural -wares or -ware a member of a North American Indian people formerly living near the Delaware River
  2. the language of this people, belonging to the Algonquian family


  1. a state of the northeastern US, on the Delmarva Peninsula: mostly flat and low-lying, with hills in the extreme north and cypress swamps in the extreme south. Capital: Dover. Pop: 817 491 (2003 est). Area: 5004 sq km (1932 sq miles)Abbreviation: Del., (with zip code) DE
  2. a river in the northeastern US, rising in the Catskill Mountains and flowing south into Delaware Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic. Length 660 km (410 miles)


  1. an American variety of grape that has sweet light red fruit

port in Kent, Old English Dofras (c.700), from Latin Dubris (4c.), from British Celtic *Dubras “the waters.” Named for the stream that flows nearby.

U.S. state, river, Indian tribe, named for the bay, which was named for Baron (commonly “Lord”) De la Warr (Thomas West, 1577-1618), first English colonial governor of Virginia. The family name is attested from 1201, from Delaware in Brasted, Kent, probably ultimately from de la werre “of the war” (a warrior), from Old French werre/guerre “war.”

State in the eastern United States bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and Maryland to the west and south. Its capital is Dover, and its largest city is Wilmington.

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