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  1. the body of moral principles or values governing or distinctive of a particular culture or group: the Christian ethic; the tribal ethic of the Zuni.
  2. a complex of moral precepts held or rules of conduct followed by an individual: a personal ethic.

Origin of ethic 1350–1400; Middle English ethic, etic Latin ēthicus Greek ēthikós, equivalent to êth(os) ethos + -ikos -ic Related formsnon·eth·ic, adjective Related Words for ethic moral, principle, fairness, morality, integrity, virtue, righteousness, code, ethics, rightness, principles, ethicality, ethicalness Examples from the Web for ethic Contemporary Examples of ethic

  • The ethic of reciprocity lies at its center: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    What Jesus Really Means

    Jay Parini

    January 12, 2014

  • But if boxing is to become less perilous, the ethic has to change.

    Boxers, Be Brave and Quit Before Your Brain Turns to Mush

    Gordon Marino

    October 25, 2013

  • The question now was where were the equivalents for the various Muslim ethic groups?

    NYPD on the Real ‘Enemies Within’: Going Undercover With Jihadis

    Michael Daly

    September 9, 2013

  • Deep faith may resonate in our position, but it is the ethic of love that forces us to prayerfully reexamine our position.

    Moss to African-American Clergy: Don’t Abandon Obama Over Same-Sex Marriage

    Otis Moss III

    May 15, 2012

  • Historical Examples of ethic

  • Ethic on its didactic side is outside his business altogether.

    Introduction to the Study of History

    Charles V. Langlois

  • The pathos confronts us too exclusively, not modified by any ethic principle.

    History of Ancient Art

    Franz von Reber

  • It was the ethic of a professional bowler and the religion of a banker.

    At Large

    Arthur Christopher Benson

  • To others he only spoke of his ethic epistles in the “Horatian way.”

    The Works of Alexander Pope, Volume 2 (of 10)

    Alexander Pope

  • But this ethic had been preached centuries before His supposed advent.

    God and my Neighbour

    Robert Blatchford

  • British Dictionary definitions for ethic ethic noun

    1. a moral principle or set of moral values held by an individual or groupthe Puritan ethic


    1. another word for ethical

    See also ethics Word Origin for ethic C15: from Latin ēthicus, from Greek éthikos, from ēthos custom; see ethos Word Origin and History for ethic n.

    late 14c., ethik “study of morals,” from Old French etique (13c.), from Late Latin ethica, from Greek ethike philosophia “moral philosophy,” fem. of ethikos “ethical,” from ethos “moral character,” related to ethos “custom” (see ethos). Meaning “a person’s moral principles” is attested from 1650s.

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