étoile [ey-twal] Examples noun, plural é·toiles [ey-twal] /eɪˈtwal/. French.

  1. a star or something shaped like a star.
  2. prima ballerina.

Examples from the Web for etoile Historical Examples of etoile

  • Is not the Etoile as much for me as for you, whoever you may be?

    Bardelys the Magnificent

    Rafael Sabatini

  • When Bougainville visited the Etoile, he received Barr’s confession.

    Celebrated Travels and Travellers

    Jules Verne

  • This was the meeting of Etoile, in the mild end of November 1789.

    The French Revolution

    Thomas Carlyle

  • They came to the Etoile, and cut across it toward the Avenue Hoche.


    Justus Miles Forman

  • From the Etoile he walked down the Champs-Elysées, but presently turned toward the river.


    Justus Miles Forman

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