adjective, flim·si·er, flim·si·est.

  1. without material strength or solidity: a flimsy fabric; a flimsy structure.
  2. weak; inadequate; not effective or convincing: a flimsy excuse.

noun, plural flim·sies.

  1. a thin kind of paper, especially for use in making several copies at a time of an article, telegraphic dispatch, or the like, as in newspaper work.
  2. a copy of a report or dispatch on such paper.

adjective -sier or -siest

  1. not strong or substantial; fragilea flimsy building
  2. light and thina flimsy dress
  3. unconvincing or inadequate; weaka flimsy excuse


  1. thin paper used for making carbon copies of a letter, etc
  2. a copy made on such paper
  3. a slang word for banknote

1702, of unknown origin, perhaps a metathesis of film (n.) “gauzy covering” + -y (2). Related: Flimsily; flimsiness.

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