footlight [foo t-lahyt] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Usually footlights. Theater. the lights at the front of a stage that are nearly on a level with the feet of the performers.
  2. the footlights, the stage; acting profession.

Origin of footlight First recorded in 1830–40; foot + light1 Related Words for footlight arena, set, theater, scene, spotlight, room, theatre, cinema, movie, site, amphitheater, drama, house, hall, auditorium, playhouse, troupe, play, farce, show Examples from the Web for footlight Historical Examples of footlight

  • They are nothing but footlight beauties: they look ghastly off the boards.

    The Girl From His Town

    Marie Van Vorst

  • There’s far more heroism in the attitude of men out here than in the footlight attitude that journalists paint for the public.

    Carry On

    Coningsby Dawson

  • He did not mean it literally, footlight affairs being unfashionable.

    The Business of Life

    Robert W. Chambers

  • To use the torch or hand lantern, a footlight must be employed as a point of reference to the motion.

    Manual of Military Training

    James A. Moss

  • Dazed and wordless, weak from stage-fright, he permitted himself to be led forth into the terrifying glare of the footlight world.

    The Light of the Star

    Hamlin Garland

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