force-feed [fawrs-feed, fohrs-] ExamplesWord Origin verb (used with object), force-fed, force-feed·ing.

  1. to compel to take food, especially by means of a tube inserted into the throat: They force-fed the prisoners in the hunger strike.
  2. to compel to absorb or assimilate: The recruits were force-fed a military attitude.

Origin of force-feed First recorded in 1905–10 force feed noun

  1. lubrication under pressure, as from a pump, used especially in internal-combustion engines.

Origin of force feed First recorded in 1915–20 Examples from the Web for force-feed Historical Examples of force-feed

  • One o’ these days I’ll have to force-feed you if you won’t pay no mind to your own nourishment!

    Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung

    Victor Appleton

  • British Dictionary definitions for force-feed force-feed verb -feeds, -feeding or -fed (tr)

    1. to force (a person or animal) to eat or swallow food
    2. to force (someone) to receive opinions, propaganda, etc

    noun force feed

    1. a method of lubrication in which a pump forces oil into the bearings of an engine, etc

    Word Origin and History for force-feed v.

    by 1909, from force (n.) + feed (v.). Related: Force-fed; force-feeding.

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