forme [fawrm] ExamplesWord Origin noun British.

  1. form(def 30).

Origin of forme From French Examples from the Web for forme Contemporary Examples of forme

  • In the 13th century, a cookbook was published in England called The Forme of Cury.

    5 Recipes for the Perfect Lasagna

    February 24, 2010

  • Or could he have a forme fruste of the fever that afflicted Sister Anjali?

    ‘Are You Also With Fever?’

    Dr. Abraham Verghese

    February 11, 2009

  • Historical Examples of forme

  • For it is to be noted, that the eye must be pleased with the forme.

    A New Orchard And Garden

    William Lawson

  • For (beleeue me) I haue tried it, I can bring any tree (beginning by time) to any forme.

    A New Orchard And Garden

    William Lawson

  • Hide to Tanfeild;42 “It is but a matter of forme you stand so much upon.”

    Diary of John Manningham

    John Manningham

  • So is our Forme, “I shall do thus, and thus, so help me God.”


    Thomas Hobbes

  • The same Priest carried a round vessell of gold, in forme of a cap.

    The Golden Asse

    Lucius Apuleius

  • British Dictionary definitions for forme forme US form noun

    1. printing type matter, blocks, etc, assembled in a chase and ready for printing

    Word Origin for forme C15: from French: form

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