fossette [fo-set, faw-] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a small hollow or depression, as in a bivalve shell; dimple.
  2. Pathology. a small, deep corneal ulcer.

Origin of fossette 1840–50; French: dimple, small cavity. See fosse, -ette Examples from the Web for fossette Historical Examples of fossette

  • There is occasionally a saucer-shaped plate or platform just under the cardinal teeth and within the shell, called the fossette.

    The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide

    Augusta Foote Arnold

  • However, the fossette itself is shallow and soon disappears with slight wear.

    Evolution and Classification of the Pocket Gophers of the Subfamily Geomyinae

    Robert J. Russell

  • British Dictionary definitions for fossette fossette noun

    1. anatomy a small depression or fossa, as in a bone
    2. pathol a small deep ulcer of the cornea

    Word Origin for fossette C19: from French: dimple, from fosse ditch fossette in Medicine fossette [fŏ-sĕt′] n.

    1. A small depression; a dimple.
    2. A small deep ulcer of the cornea.

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