gob 4 [gob]British Dialect Word Origin verb (used without object), gobbed, gob·bing, noun

  1. gab1.

Origin of gob 4First recorded in 1685–95 British Dictionary definitions for gobbed gob 1 noun

  1. a lump or chunk, esp of a soft substance
  2. (often plural) informal a great quantity or amount
  3. mining
    1. waste material such as clay, shale, etc
    2. a worked-out area in a mine often packed with this
  4. a lump of molten glass used to make a piece of glassware
  5. informal a globule of spittle or saliva

verb gobs, gobbing or gobbed

  1. (intr) British informal to spit

Word Origin for gob C14: from Old French gobe lump, from gober to gulp down; see gobbet gob 2 noun

  1. US slang an enlisted ordinary seaman in the US Navy

Word Origin for gob C20: of unknown origin gob 3 noun

  1. a slang word (esp Brit) for the mouth

Word Origin for gob C16: perhaps from Gaelic gob Word Origin and History for gobbed gob n.

“a mouthful, lump,” late 14c., probably from Old French gobe “mouthful, lump,” related to gober “gulp, swallow down,” probably from Gaulish *gobbo- (cf. Irish gob “mouth,” Gaelic gob “beak”). This Celtic source also seems to be root of gob “mouth” (mid-16c.), which is the first element in gob-stopper “a kind of large hard candy” (1928).

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