Gödel [gœd-l] noun

  1. Kurt [kurt] /kɜrt/, 1906–78, U.S. mathematician and logician, born in Austria-Hungary.

British Dictionary definitions for godel Gödel noun

  1. Kurt (kʊrt). 1906–78, US logician and mathematician, born in Austria-Hungary. He showed (Gödel’s proof) that in a formal axiomatic system, such as logic or mathematics, it is impossible to prove consistency without using methods from outside the system

godel in Science Gödel [gŭd′l]Kurt 1906-1978

  1. Austrian-born American mathematician who in 1931 published the most important axiom in modern mathematics, known as Gödel’s proof. It states that in any finite mathematical system, there will always be statements that cannot be proved or disproved. Gödel’s proof ended efforts by mathematicians to find a mathematical system that was entirely consistent in itself.
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