golf club

golf club

golf club ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any of various long-handled clubs with wooden or metal heads, for hitting the ball in golf.Compare iron(def 5), wood1(def 8).
  2. an organization of golf players or the facilities and grounds used by such an organization.

Origin of golf club First recorded in 1500–10 Examples from the Web for golf club Historical Examples of golf club

  • “‘Tis an easy matter,” and Patty hooked it off on the end of a golf-club.

    When Patty Went to College

    Jean Webster

  • You did not need the golf-club because my man removed the dog.

    Nothing But the Truth

    Frederic S. Isham

  • Besides, the men at the golf-club heard them singing ‘Aaron and Moses.’

    Stalky & Co.

    Rudyard Kipling

  • He hasn’t any foot on that leg, and he has a golf-club head with a shaft to it.

    The Enchanted Typewriter

    John Kendrick Bangs

  • A few minutes later I heard him occupied in there, with what seemed, or sounded, like a golf-club.

    Mavis of Green Hill

    Faith Baldwin

  • British Dictionary definitions for golf club golf club noun

    1. any of various long-shafted clubs with wood or metal heads used to strike a golf ball
      1. an association of golf players, usually having its own course and facilities
      2. the premises of such an association
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