Gomorrah [guh-mawr-uh, -mor-uh] Examples noun

  1. Also Douay Bible, Go·mor·rha. an ancient city destroyed, with Sodom, because of its wickedness. Gen. 19:24, 25.
  2. any extremely wicked place.

Related formsGo·mor·re·an, adjective Examples from the Web for gomorrah Contemporary Examples of gomorrah

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  • Historical Examples of gomorrah

  • Gomorrah, the right bank, was the region of vice, license and dishonesty.

    Two banks of the Seine

    Fernand Vandrem

  • This ain’t Sodom and Gomorrah; it’s the comin’ of the kingdom of God on earth.’

    The Land of Long Ago

    Eliza Calvert Hall

  • You men of Bondathal are not better than the men of Gomorrah.’

    Black Diamonds

    Mr Jkai

  • Think—this is what they had to eat at the cafs boulevardes of Gomorrah.

    Romance Island

    Zona Gale

  • You cannot wake up the people of Gomorrah with the gospel of peace.

    Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

    Martin Luther

  • British Dictionary definitions for gomorrah Gomorrah Gomorrha noun

    1. Old Testament one of two ancient cities near the Dead Sea, the other being Sodom, that were destroyed by God as a punishment for the wickedness of their inhabitants (Genesis 19:24)
    2. any place notorious for vice and depravity

    Derived FormsGomorrean or Gomorrhean, adjective Word Origin and History for gomorrah Gomorrah

    Biblical site, from Hebrew ‘omer “sheaf” (of corn, etc.), probably a reference to the fertility of the region.

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