noun, plural harts, (especially collectively) hart.

  1. a male deer, commonly of the red deer, Cervus elaphus, especially after its fifth year.


  1. Albert Bush·nell [boo sh-nl] /ˈbʊʃ nl/, 1854–1943, U.S. editor, historian, and educator.
  2. Gary (Warren),born 1936, U.S. politician: senator 1975–87.
  3. Lo·renz [lawr-uh nts, lohr-] /ˈlɔr ənts, ˈloʊr-/, 1895–1943, U.S. lyricist.
  4. Moss,1904–61, U.S. playwright and librettist.
  5. William S(hakespeare),1872–1946, U.S. film actor.

noun plural harts or hart

  1. the male of the deer, esp the red deer aged five years or more


  1. Lorenz. 1895–1943, US lyricist: collaborated with Richard Rodgers in writing musicals
  2. Moss. 1904–61, US dramatist: collaborated with George Kaufman on Broadway comedies and wrote libretti for musicals

Old English heorot “hart, stag, male deer,” from Proto-Germanic *herut- (cf. Old Saxon hirot, Old Frisian and Dutch hert “stag, deer,” Old High German hiruz, Old Norse hjörtr, German Hirsch “deer, stag, hart”), perhaps from PIE root *ker- “horn” (see horn (n.)). Now, a male deer after its fifth year.

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