adjective, head·i·er, head·i·est.

  1. intoxicating: a heady wine.
  2. affecting the mind or senses greatly: heady perfume.
  3. exciting; exhilarating: the heady news of victory.
  4. rashly impetuous: heady conduct.
  5. violent; destructive: heady winds.
  6. clever; shrewd: a heady scheme to win the election.

adjective headier or headiest

  1. (of alcoholic drink) intoxicating
  2. strongly affecting the mind or senses; extremely exciting
  3. rash; impetuous

late 14c., “headstrong, hasty, impetuous,” from head (n.) + adj. suffix -y (2). First recorded 1570s in sense of “apt to go to the head.”

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