noun Informal.

  1. a noisy, rowdy, troublesome person; hellion.

noun, plural hel·lers, hel·ler.

  1. a former coin of various German states, usually equal to half a pfennig.
  2. a former bronze coin of Austria, the 100th part of a korona.
  3. haler(def 2).


  1. Joseph,1923–99, U.S. novelist.

noun plural -ler

  1. a monetary unit of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, worth one hundredth of a koruna
  2. any of various old German or Austrian coins of low denomination


  1. another word for hellion


  1. Joseph. 1923–99, US novelist. His works include Catch 22 (1961), God Knows (1984), Picture This (1988), and Closing Time (1994)

former small coin of Austria and Germany, 1570s, from German Heller, from Middle High German haller, short for haller pfennic “penny coined in Hall” in Swabia (cf. dollar).

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