1. Chemistry. of or relating to an atom other than carbon, particularly in a cyclic compound.
  2. Informal. heterosexual.

noun, plural het·er·os.

  1. Informal. a heterosexual person.

  1. a combining form meaning “different,” “other,” used in the formation of compound words: heterocyclic.

noun, adjective plural -os

  1. short for heterosexual

combining form

  1. other, another, or differentheterodyne; heterophony; heterosexual Compare homo-

word-forming element meaning “other, different,” from comb. form of Greek heteros “the other (of two), another, different;” first element meaning “one, at one, together,” from PIE *sem- “one;” the second cognate with the second element in Latin al-ter, Gothic an-þar, Old English o-ðer “other.”


  1. Other; different:heterocellular.

  1. A prefix that means “different” or “other,” as in heterophyllous, having different kinds of leaves.
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