homocercal [hoh-muh-sur-kuh l, hom-uh-] Word Origin adjective Ichthyology.

  1. having an equally divided tail, characteristic of adult modern bony fishes.

Compare diphycercal, heterocercal. Origin of homocercal 1830–40; homo- + cerc- (Greek kérkos tail) + -al1 Related formsho·mo·cer·cy [hoh-muh-sur-see, hom-uh-] /ˈhoʊ məˌsɜr si, ˈhɒm ə-/, ho·mo·cer·cal·i·ty [hoh-muh-ser-kal-i-tee, hom-uh-] /ˌhoʊ mə sərˈkæl ɪ ti, ˌhɒm ə-/, noun British Dictionary definitions for homocercal homocercal adjective

  1. ichthyol of or possessing a symmetrical tail that extends beyond the end of the vertebral column, as in most bony fishesCompare heterocercal

Word Origin for homocercal C19: from homo- + Greek kerkos tail

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