verb (used with object), im·pli·cat·ed, im·pli·cat·ing.

  1. to show to be also involved, usually in an incriminating manner: to be implicated in a crime.
  2. to imply as a necessary circumstance, or as something to be inferred or understood.
  3. to connect or relate to intimately; affect as a consequence: The malfunctioning of one part of the nervous system implicates another part.
  4. Archaic. to fold or twist together; intertwine; interlace.

verb (tr)

  1. to show to be involved, esp in a crime
  2. to involve as a necessary inference; implyhis protest implicated censure by the authorities
  3. to affect intimatelythis news implicates my decision
  4. rare to intertwine or entangle

early 15c., “to convey in a fable;” c.1600, “intertwine, wreathe,” from Latin implicatus, past participle of implicare “to involve, entwine” (see implication). Meaning “involve a person in a crime, charge, etc.,” is from 1797. Related: Implicated; implicating.

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