Italianize [ih-tal-yuh-nahyz] ExamplesWord Origin verb (used without object), I·tal·ian·ized, I·tal·ian·iz·ing.

  1. to become Italian in manner, character, etc.
  2. to speak Italian.

verb (used with object), I·tal·ian·ized, I·tal·ian·iz·ing.

  1. to make Italian, especially in manner, character, etc.

Also especially British, I·tal·ian·ise. Origin of Italianize First recorded in 1605–15; Italian + -ize Related formsI·tal·ian·i·za·tion, noun Examples from the Web for italianize Historical Examples of italianize

  • Thus it will be seen that efforts were required to Italianize these places.

    The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2

    Henry Baerlein

  • British Dictionary definitions for italianize Italianize Italianise verb

    1. to make or become Italian or like an Italian person or thing

    Derived FormsItalianization or Italianisation, noun

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