Iulus noun

  1. Roman myth another name for Ascanius
  2. Roman myth the son of Ascanius, founder of the Julian gens or clan

Examples from the Web for iulus Historical Examples of iulus

  • Daughter of Latin shepherd;her stag was wounded by Iulus, 373.

    Myths of Greece and Rome

    H. A. Guerber

  • He himself, with his son Iulus and his friend Achates, was driven out of his course and carried to the shores of Libya.

    Half a Hundred Hero Tales


  • He was of patrician birth and his family claimed descent from Ascanius; or Iulus, the son of neas.

    A History of Roman Literature

    Harold North Fowler

  • I suspect that the specimens from the Sierra Guadalupe are intergrades between lloydi and iulus.

    Birds from Coahuila, Mexico

    Emil K. Urban

  • So they called to the nearest sentinels to relieve them of their guard and hurried to seek Iulus.

    Half a Hundred Hero Tales


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