noun, plural ju·di·ci·ar·ies.

  1. the judicial branch of government.
  2. the system of courts of justice in a country.
  3. judges collectively.


  1. pertaining to the judicial branch or system or to judges.


  1. of or relating to courts of law, judgment, or judges

noun plural -aries

  1. the branch of the central authority in a state concerned with the administration of justiceCompare executive (def. 2), legislature
  2. the system of courts in a country
  3. the judges collectively; bench

“relating to courts,” early 15c., from Latin iudiciarius “of or belonging to a court of justice,” from iudicium “judgment,” from iudicem (see judge (v.)). The noun meaning “a body of judges, judges collectively” is from 1802 (judicature was used in this sense from 1590s).

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