< /ˌlæp ɪˈdɛər i ən/.

  1. of or relating to the cutting or engraving of precious stones.
  2. characterized by an exactitude and extreme refinement that suggests gem cutting: a lapidary style; lapidary verse.
  3. of, relating to, or suggestive of inscriptions on stone monuments.

noun plural -daries

  1. a person whose business is to cut, polish, set, or deal in gemstones


  1. of or relating to gemstones or the work of a lapidary
  2. Also: lapidarian (ˌlæpɪˈdɛərɪən) engraved, cut, or inscribed in a stone or gemstone
  3. of sufficiently high quality to be engraved on a stonea lapidary inscription

n.“one skilled in working with precious stones,” late 14c., from Old French lapidaire (12c.), from Latin lapidarius “stonecutter,” originally an adjective “of or working with stone,” from lapis (genitive lapidis) “stone.” Meaning “a treatise on precious stones” is late 14c. Related: Lapidarist.

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