1. praise (be) to God.

  1. learning disability.
  2. learning-disabled.
  3. lethal dose.
  4. long distance (telephone call).
  5. Low Dutch.

  1. limited.
  2. Lord.

  1. (in Libya) dinar; dinars.

  1. median lethal dose.

  1. load.

  1. Low Dutch.

abbreviation for

  1. load

abbreviation for

  1. Lord (title)

abbreviation for

  1. lethal dosage: usually used with a subscript numeral showing what percentage of a test group of animals dies as a result of either being given a substance being tested on them or being exposed to ionizing radiation, esp in the median lethal doseLD 50
  2. Low Dutch


  1. lethal dose
  2. learning disability
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