verb (used with object), sa·ti·at·ed, sa·ti·at·ing.

  1. to supply with anything to excess, so as to disgust or weary; surfeit.
  2. to satisfy to the full; sate.


  1. satiated.

verb (tr)

  1. to fill or supply beyond capacity or desire, often arousing weariness
  2. to supply to satisfaction or capacity

n.1630s, noun of action from satiate (v.). v.mid-15c., from Latin satiatus, past participle of satiare “fill full, satisfy,” from satis “enough,” from PIE root *sa- “to satisfy” (cf. Gothic saþs “satiated,” Old English sæd “satisfied;” see sad). Related: Satiated; satiating. n.

  1. The state produced by having had a specific need, such as hunger or thirst, fulfilled.
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