linsang [lin-sang] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any of several civetlike carnivores of the genera Prionodon, of the East Indies, and Poiana, of Africa, having retractile claws and a long tail: some East Indies linsangs are endangered.

Origin of linsang First recorded in 1880–85, linsang is from the Javanese word lingsang Examples from the Web for linsang Historical Examples of linsang

  • Prionodon or Linsang differs from the last two genera in the loss of an upper molar.

    The Cambridge Natural History, Vol X., Mammalia

    Frank Evers Beddard

  • This is a very curious animal, which, like the panda and the linsang, at first misled naturalists in assigning it a place.

    Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon

    Robert A. Sterndale

  • British Dictionary definitions for linsang linsang noun

    1. any of several forest-dwelling viverrine mammals, Poiana richardsoni of W Africa or either of the two species of Prionodon of S Asia: closely related to the genets, having a very long tail and a spotted or banded coat of thick fur

    Word Origin for linsang C19: Malay

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