Malvine [mal-veen, -vahyn] Examples noun

  1. a female given name.

Also Mal·vi·na [mal-vee-nuh, ‐vahy‐] /mælˈvi nə, ‐ˈvaɪ‐/. Falkland Islands [fawk-luh nd] plural noun

  1. a self-governing British colony also claimed by Argentina: site of a war between the two nations in 1982. 4618 sq. mi. (11,961 sq. km).

Also called Falk·lands.Spanish Is·las Mal·vi·nas [eez-lahz mahl-vee-nahs] /ˈiz lɑz mɑlˈvi nɑs/. Examples from the Web for malvinas Historical Examples of malvinas

  • It is only Malvinas and women of that kind who are loved for their beauty.

    War and Peace

    Leo Tolstoy

  • British Dictionary definitions for malvinas Malvinas pl n

    1. Islas Malvinas (ˈizlas) the Argentine name for the Falkland Islands

    Falkland Islands pl n

    1. a group of over 100 islands in the S Atlantic: a UK Overseas Territory; invaded by Argentina, who had long laid claim to the islands, on 2 April 1982; recaptured by a British expeditionary force on 14 June 1982. Chief town: Stanley. Pop: 3140 (2008 est). Area: about 12 200 sq km (4700 sq miles)Spanish name: Islas Malvinas

    Word Origin and History for malvinas Malvinas

    Argentine name for the Falkland Islands, from French Malouins, name for inhabitants of the French city of St. Malo, who attempted a colony there in 1764 under Louis-Antoine de Bougainville.

    malvinas in Culture Falkland Islands [(fawk-luhnd, fawlk-luhnd)]

    Group of islands in the south Atlantic Ocean, located east of the Strait of Magellan off the coast of Argentina.

    Note The islands, under British rule, were seized by Argentina in 1982, but were retaken by Britain. Falkland Islands [(fawk-luhnd, fawlk-luhnd)]

    Islands in the south Atlantic Ocean located near Argentina but owned by Britain. Argentina, which has long claimed title to the islands and refers to them as Islas Malvinas, seized them in 1982, but Britain retook them after a brief war.

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