Mansart [mahn-sar; English man-sahrt, -sert] Examples noun

  1. Jules Har·douin [zhyl ar-dwan] /ʒül arˈdwɛ̃/, Jules Hardouin, 1646–1708, French architect: chief architectural director for Louis XIV.
  2. his granduncle(Ni·co·las) Fran·çois [nee-kaw-lah frahn-swa] /ni kɔˈlɑ frɑ̃ˈswa/, 1598–1666, French architect.

Also Man·sard [mahn-sar; English man-sahrd, ‐serd] /mɑ̃ˈsar; English ˈmæn sɑrd, ‐sərd/. Examples from the Web for mansart Historical Examples of mansart

  • In the mansarde roof we have the name of Mansart, the architect who introduced it.

    English Past and Present

    Richard Chevenix Trench

  • Mansart, once installed at Chantilly, did not leave it for many years.

    Chantilly in History and Art

    Louise M. Richter

  • These ruins are the remains of the Chteau d’Issy, the work of Mansart.

    Rodin: The Man and his Art

    Judith Cladel

  • Mansart designed it for noble stock, and the populace will get their children in it!

    An Historical Mystery

    Honore de Balzac

  • This was the preparatory period of the coming into being of the works of Le Notre and Mansart.

    Royal Palaces and Parks of France

    Milburg Francisco Mansfield

  • British Dictionary definitions for mansart Mansart noun

    1. François (frɑ̃swa). 1598–1666, French architect, who established the classical style in French architecture
    2. his great-nephew, Jules Hardouin (ʒyl ardwɛ̃). 1646–1708, French architect and town planner, who completed the Palace of Versailles

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