noun, plural mi·cro·spo·ran·gi·a [mahy-kroh-spaw-ran-jee-uh, -spoh-] /ˌmaɪ kroʊ spɔˈræn dʒi ə, -spoʊ-/. Botany.

  1. a sporangium containing microspores.

noun plural -gia (-dʒɪə)

  1. the structure in certain spore-bearing plants in which the microspores are formed: corresponds to the pollen sac in seed plantsCompare megasporangium

Plural microsporangia

  1. A plant structure in which microspores are formed. The pollen-producing male cones of a pine consist of many microsporangia, where the microspores of the pine develop into pollen grains to be dispersed.
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