1. a small, rounded stone, especially one worn smooth by the action of water.
  2. Also called pebble leather. leather that has been given a granulated surface.
  3. any granulated or crinkled surface, especially of a textile.
  4. a transparent colorless rock crystal used for the lenses of eyeglasses.
  5. a lens made from this crystal.

verb (used with object), peb·bled, peb·bling.

  1. to prepare (leather) so as to have a granulated surface.
  2. to pelt with or as with pebbles.


    1. a small smooth rounded stone, esp one worn by the action of water
    2. geologya rock fragment, often rounded, with a diameter of 4–64 mm and thus smaller than a cobble but larger than a granule
    1. a transparent colourless variety of rock crystal, used for making certain lenses
    2. such a lens
  1. (modifier) informal (of a lens or of spectacles) thick, with a high degree of magnification or distortion
    1. a grainy irregular surface, esp on leather
    2. leather having such a surface
  2. informal, mainly Australian a troublesome or obstinate person or animal

verb (tr)

  1. to pave, cover, or pelt with pebbles
  2. to impart a grainy surface to (leather)

n.small, smooth stone, late 13c., from Old English papolstan “pebblestone,” of unknown origin. Perhaps imitative. Some sources compare Latin papula “pustule, pimple, swelling.”

  1. A rock fragment larger than a granule and smaller than a cobble. Pebbles have a diameter between 4 and 64 mm (0.16 and 2.56 inches) and are often rounded.

see not the only fish in the sea (pebble on the beach).

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