quinze noun

  1. a card game with rules similar to those of vingt-et-un, except that the score aimed at is 15 rather than 21

Word Origin for quinze French: fifteen Examples from the Web for quinze Historical Examples of quinze

  • They gave me choice of whist, or picquet, or quinze, or hazard.

    Richard Carvel, Complete

    Winston Churchill

  • He decreed, that all the inhabitants of the Quinze Vingt were clothed in white.

    Voltaire’s Romances

    Franois-Marie Arouet

  • There was not one vestment of that color in the Quinze Vingt.

    Voltaire’s Romances

    Franois-Marie Arouet

  • They were masked to conceal their excitement, especially when playing the game of quinze.

    The Man Who Laughs

    Victor Hugo

  • Et si auions mare contre nous & quinze liees iusques Port Royal.

    The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. III: Acadia, 1611-1616


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