verb (used with object), sta·bi·lized, sta·bi·liz·ing.

  1. to make or hold stable, firm, or steadfast.
  2. to maintain at a given or unfluctuating level or quantity: The government will try to stabilize the cost of living.
  3. Aeronautics. to put or keep (an aircraft) in stable equilibrium, as by some special device.

verb (used without object), sta·bi·lized, sta·bi·liz·ing.

  1. to become stabilized.


  1. to make or become stable or more stable
  2. to keep or be kept stable
  3. to put or keep (an aircraft, vessel, etc) in equilibrium by one or more special devices, or (of an aircraft, vessel, etc) to become stable

1861, originally of ships; probably a back-formation from stability. Related: Stabilized; stabilizing.


  1. To bring to or reach a stable or steadfast state.
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