1. (used to scare or drive away a cat, dog, chickens, birds, etc.)

verb (used with object), shooed, shoo·ing.

  1. to drive away by saying or shouting “shoo.”
  2. to request or force (a person) to leave: I’ll have to shoo you out of here now.

verb (used without object), shooed, shoo·ing.

  1. to call out “shoo.”


  1. go away!: used to drive away unwanted or annoying people, animals, etc

verb shoos, shooing or shooed

  1. (tr) to drive away by or as if by crying “shoo.”
  2. (intr) to cry “shoo.”

1620s, “to drive away by calling ‘shoo,’ ” from the exclamation (late 15c.), perhaps instinctive, cf. German schu, Italian scioia. Related: Shooed; shooing.

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