sidewheel [sahyd-hweel, -weel] ExamplesWord Origin noun Nautical.

  1. either of a pair of paddle wheels on the sides of a vessel.

Origin of sidewheel First recorded in 1825–35; side1 + wheel side-wheel [sahyd-hweel, -weel] adjective

  1. having a paddle wheel on each side, as a steamboat.

Origin of side-wheel First recorded in 1855–60 Related formsside-wheel·er, noun Examples from the Web for sidewheel Historical Examples of sidewheel

  • Of these steam frigates, six are screw, and three sidewheel.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol III, Issue VI, June, 1863


  • British Dictionary definitions for sidewheel sidewheel noun

    1. one of the paddle wheels of a sidewheeler

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