1. made or intended to be discarded after use or quick examination: a throwaway container; a throwaway brochure.
  2. delivered or expressed casually or extemporaneously: a funny throwaway line that brings applause.


  1. something that is made or intended to be discarded.
  2. a handbill, advertising circular, pamphlet, etc., intended to be discarded after reading.
  3. Also called pushout. Informal. a youth who is unwanted or rejected by his or her family, the school system, or society in general.

adjective (prenominal)

  1. said or done incidentally, esp for rhetorical effect; casuala throwaway remark
    1. anything designed to be discarded after use rather than reused, refilled, etc; disposable
    2. (as modifier)a throwaway carton


  1. mainly US and Canadian a handbill or advertisement distributed in a public place

verb throw away (tr, adverb)

  1. to get rid of; discard
  2. to fail to make good use of; wasteto throw away all one’s money on horses

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