tour de force

tour de force

noun, plural tours de force [too rz duh fawrs, –fohrs; French toor duh fawrs] /ˌtʊərz də ˈfɔrs, -ˈfoʊrs; French tur də ˈfɔrs/.

  1. an exceptional achievement by an artist, author, or the like, that is unlikely to be equaled by that person or anyone else; stroke of genius: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick was a tour de force.
  2. a particularly adroit maneuver or technique in handling a difficult situation: The way the president got his bill through the Senate was a tour de force.
  3. a feat requiring unusual strength, skill, or ingenuity.

noun plural tours de force (tur, English ˈtʊə)

  1. a masterly or brilliant stroke, creation, effect, or accomplishment

1802, French, “feat of strength.”

A feat accomplished through great skill and ability: “The speech was a tour de force; it swept the audience off its feet.”

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