trench mouth

trench mouth

trench mouth Word Origin noun

  1. Vincent’s angina.

Origin of trench mouth First recorded in 1915–20; so called from its high incidence among soldiers in the trenches British Dictionary definitions for trench mouth trench mouth noun

  1. a bacterial ulcerative disease characterized by inflammation of the tonsils, gums, etc

Word Origin for trench mouth C20: so called because it was prevalent in soldiers in the Trenches during World War I trench mouth in Medicine trench mouth n.

  1. An acute, sometimes recurrent lesion of the mouth, gums, and throat often associated with fusiform bacilli and spirochetes, marked by ulceration and necrosis of the gum margin, destruction of the interdental papillae, and foul breath.acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis fusospirillary gingivitis fusospirochetal gingivitis necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis ulceromembranous gingivitis Vincent’s angina Vincent’s disease

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