verb (used with object), di·ag·nosed, di·ag·nos·ing.

  1. to determine the identity of (a disease, illness, etc.) by a medical examination: The doctor diagnosed the illness as influenza.
  2. to ascertain the cause or nature of (a disorder, malfunction, problem, etc.) from the symptoms: The mechanic diagnosed the trouble that caused the engine knock.
  3. to classify or determine on the basis of scientific examination.

verb (used without object), di·ag·nosed, di·ag·nos·ing.

  1. to make a diagnosis.


  1. to determine or distinguish by diagnosis
  2. (tr) to examine (a person or thing), as for a disease

v.1861, back-formation from diagnosis. Related: Diagnosed; diagnosing. v.

  1. To distinguish or identify a disease by diagnosis.
  2. To identify a person as having a particular disease or condition by diagnosis.
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